Lebanese MP tenders his resignation, calls for international investigation commission

Lebanese MP Marwan Hamadeh submitted his resignation from the House of Representatives in a writing deposited on Wednesday morning to the General Secretariat of the Council, calling for the formation of an international investigation committee and moving the Supreme Council to try presidents and ministers.

The letter of resignation stated: "The Speaker of Parliament, the Honorable Mr. Nabih Berri, a good greeting and compensation for your safety over the martyrs of Lebanon, while praying for the recovery of our wounded and finding the missing, I submit according to this letter and based on the provisions of the constitution and the provisions of the internal system of the parliament my resignation from the Lebanese parliament , hoping that this letter will be presented to the first session of the General Assembly so that the Council takes note of it and it becomes effective."

He said in the letter: "While I thank your country for your constant care and continued friendship, I hope that comrades will take the initiative to request an international investigation committee of what happened, and submit a proposal to move the Supreme Council to try the presidents and ministers to consider the constitutional responsibilities at the presidential and ministerial levels after the catastrophe that befell Lebanon, and kindly, Premier, please accept my highest respect."

On Wednesday morning, the Lebanese Red Cross revealed the latest count of victims of the massive explosion that struck Beirut on Tuesday evening, where the Secretary-General of the Red Cross George Kettana said that the blast resulted in killing more than 100 people and injuring more than 4,000, and the rescue teams are still working to recover the victims and the wounded.


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