Liberated Yazidis reached Şengal

21 Yazidis liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from IS' hands arrived to their home in Şengal, and they entered from the crossing border of al-Jamarek after pressure from Şengal people who forced the Iraqi authorities to open the crossing for them after they refused their entry in the beginning.


On Friday, a motorcade of the Yazidi House in Amuda city which included officials from the Yazidi House's Council in al-Jazeera region headed towards al-Jamarek crossing between al-Hol district of al-Hasakah canton and Şengal to hand over the 21st Yazidis (3 women and 18 children) freed by SDF during the battle to defeat terrorism from al-Baguz village, the last point of IS mercenaries.

As the liberated Yazidis arrived at the Syrian-Iraqi border, the Iraqi authorities prevented them to pass in the beginning, but under the pressure of thousands of Yazidis who came to the crossing to receive them, the authorities were forced to open the crossing border and allow the liberated Yazidis to enter and reach their homes from where they had been kidnapped.

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