Libya bans import from Turkey, deal with its companies

Libya's authorities banned the importation of all Turkish products and goods and ordered a halt to dealing with Turkish companies and institutions in response to their involvement in the battle to liberate Tripoli in favor of what the authorities described as terrorism.

This came in a statement issued of the Interim Government to all ministries, bodies, institutions, interests, agencies, companies and public banks.

The statement ordered not to deal with Turkish companies and establishments, ban importation of all types of goods, stop entering their imports through all land, air and sea ports, and stop any orders of exchange or documentary credits or transfers in all its forms, may be issued to these companies or their agents within the Libyan state, directly or indirectly.

The statement also called on public banks that maintain accounts for these companies to enforce strict controls and stop them whenever necessary. It considered that violating these orders constitutes a betrayal of the homeland.

Such "punitive" decisions would cause the Turkish economy to suffer large losses, after Turkish exports in recent years have increased towards Libya in large proportions, especially in the food and textile industries.



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