Libyan Army: Turkey mobilizes mercenaries and may venture into attack on Sirte, al-Jafra

The Director of the Counselling Department of the Libyan National Army, Brigadier Khaled al Mahjoub, confirmed that Turkey had mobilized about 10,000 mercenaries in the Sirte area, and that Turkey might venture into the attack on Sirte and al-Jafra.

Al-Mahjoub told Sky News Arabia that the Libyan National Army is monitoring all militia movements, noting that Turkey sent several drones to hit a water supply line far from Sirte.

He explained that the Libyan National Army has good air defense capabilities, which limits the movement of Turkish drones, adding, "We are ready for all possibilities and we will repel any Turkish attack."

He pointed out that "Accord Government has deviated from the goals for which it was formed and signed illegal treaties."

Al-Mahjoub stressed that "Egypt's security is Libya's security, and we have the right to seek the help of those who achieve our security."



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