​​​​​​​Macron inaugurates donor conference for Lebanon: International community's role is to be on Lebanese people's side

The French President Emmanuel Macron said: "The role of the international community is to be on the side of the Lebanese people," in an indication to that they with the Lebanese people will face the repercussions of the Beirut Port disaster."

During the opening of the donors conference for Lebanon with the participation of a number of world leaders, Macron said: "We must act quickly, and aid must go directly to where people on the ground need it, and an international response must be established under the coordination of the United Nations."

He stressed that "the money collected today should be just the beginning," noting that "the Lebanese authorities must work on a political and economic solution to the crisis."

He stressed that "the provision of aid to Lebanon will take place as soon as possible under the supervision of the United Nations, and this aid must head directly to where people on the ground need it."

Macron added: "The President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, knows that there is an urgent need to counter corruption."


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