Macron press conference tomorrow on political situation in Lebanon

The French presidency announced that President Emmanuel Macron will hold a press conference tomorrow, Sunday, seven in the evening, Paris time, devoted to the Lebanese situation, after the president-designate, Mustafa Adib, apologized for forming the government.

And Western diplomatic circles confirmed that "despite what happened and Adib's apology, France is committed to its initiative, because it is not linked to a person, but rather is a commitment to a state, people and towards the world to save Lebanon and launch the reform workshop."

And she stressed, "The obstacles hindered the formation process, but they will not hinder the initiative launched by President Emmanuel Macron."

A source close to Macron said in an interview with "Reuters" that "a polite apology for the formation of the Lebanese government means that the political parties in Lebanon committed collective treason."

For his part, President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, declared in a statement that "the initiative launched by Macron is still going on and he received all my support according to the principles announced by the French President."

The Media Office of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri asserted that "No one adheres to the French initiative as much as we adhered to it, but there are those who drowned it in contravention of all established principles."

Berri's media office said in a statement that "the French initiative is the spirit and essence of reforms, and the government is the machine that must implement these reforms after their approval, and I believe that all the blocs with these reforms and the Parliament are most motivated to approve what should be done, and we are on our position to adhere to the French initiative according to its content." 



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