Macron: Turkey exports terrorists, threatens everyone

French President Emmanuel Macron considered Monday evening that Turkey has become the biggest interferer in the matter of Libya at the present time, indicating that it has backed away from any commitment it made regarding the Libyan file.

Macron added at a joint press conference with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, that Ankara had not honored any commitment it made at the Berlin conference held months ago on Libya.

Macron pointed out that Ankara increased its military presence in Libya after the conference, and "sent terrorists and mercenaries to Libya," saying that "Turkey is" the first external party to intervene "in Libya which has been in conflict since 2011.

He believed that Turkey's behavior in Libya places criminal and historical responsibility on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which must deal with this situation.

The French President strongly condemned the interference of Turkey, which was expected from "other things" not from Russia, because it is a member of "NATO".

Macron called on Ankara to clarify its policy in Libyan affairs, especially with its confirmation of sending warships and military forces to Libya.

He considered that the Turkish policy in Libya is unacceptable because it is a threat to Africa, especially the friends of France in Tunisia, Niger and Egypt, as it is a threat to Europe, especially in terms of sending terrorists to this Arab African country.

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