Mahmoud Othman: Erdogan's actions contradict morality of Islam

 The Director of Endowments Directorate in the Euphrates region, Mahmoud Othman said, "The horrible violations committed by the Turkish occupation within the Syrian lands and in particular Afrin city do not comply with the Islamic religion and Islamic law, which Erdogan claims to represent."

The mercenary gangs that are affiliated with the Turkish occupation inside the occupied areas in the Syrian lands and in particular Afrin canton practice massacres against the civilians who are daily exposing to murder; killing, looting … 

In addition, Turkey has been working for more than a month in building a partition wall to separate Afrin from the Syrian lands, following the displacement of the indigenous people from their lands and changing the demographics of the region.

In this regard, Hawar news agency (ANHA) has met with the Director of Endowments Directorate in the Euphrates region, and the Imam the mosques in Kobani city, Mahmoud Othman, who said, "The people of the region must stand with the oppressed people of Afrin who suffer the worst kinds of violations; kidnapping, killing and displacement every day by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries."

Turkey is building a wall in Afrin isolating it from its Syrian surroundings. According to observers, this step comes with the aim of annexing Afrin to Turkey. Ankara invokes security considerations and tries to legitimize its occupation of the Syrian territory.

The recent victims of the Turkish violations were the child Mohammed bin Rashid Hamid Khalil, who was executed by the mercenaries of Turkey, knowing that he was with special needs. The mercenaries killed his father after they kidnapped him and threw his body on the road a few days ago as his family was unable to secure a ransom of 100,000 $.

And he concluded his speech by saying, "Neither Erdogan nor his government represents the Islamic legitimacy, and everything the Turkish government does is far from the Islamic religion, the Turkish occupation not only kills humanity but kills the whole nature by burning olive trees and agricultural crops."




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