Martyr’s message ... keystone of real life lies in impressive mountains of Kurdistan

The martyr Senor adored the nature of Kurdistan mountains, so he excelled in describing it and pointed that the essence of real life lies in its magnificent mountains, which made them not only love them theoretically, but rather sacrifice for it in exchange for nothing but the revolutionary's love for his mountains, people and homeland. "

Thousands of youths from Rojava (northeast Syria) have joined the Kurdistan Freedom Movement since its inception, for their sober belief in the movement’s doctrine and principles of freedom, equality and struggle for the rights of the persecuted peoples. After joining the Kurdistan Freedom Movement (KFM), they narrated the importance of their struggle for freedom, justice and equality, and among them, the martyr Senor.

Sheikhmos Issa; the nom de guerre, Senor. He was born in al-Sufiya village, Tirbê Spiyê district, joined the Kurdistan Freedom Movement in 1990, and was martyred in Heftanin in 1993. Senor used to message his family, explaining the importance of the revolutionary struggle.

Looking at Senor's messages, we clearly notice how deep was his revolutionary spirit, and attachment to the nature of Kurdistan, which has been under attack for decades. He also explains the need not to be drawn into Turkey special war against the Kurdish people.

Martyr Senior's first message says that every human has a principle, but the thing that calls for optimism is implementing this principle in life till realizing a bold victory. He adds, "nothing is more sacred than the principles of freedom and independence because they are the pure foundation; those who follow these principles deserve great respect because for the sake of these words, people sacrifice for the nation and the people, and at one of the border points between northern and southern Kurdistan."

whoever wants honor and dignity, he should back these two principles

We brief you on these essential words as we head to the homeland arena, the arena of redemption and honor, so whoever wants to write honor and dignity, let them support the principle of freedom and independence, and exploit all their potentials for this principle and the noble goal, or even sacrificing for the homeland. While whoever is capable, but remains indifferent, their patriotism is incomplete; we can say that they are a traitor and serves the enemy's special war, so I address in my name and all comrades' everyone to stay away from that dirty war that is of no use for the nation and people. "

The martyr's second message addresses the developments taking place in the region and the importance of the resistance, and said: "Resistance is life. It secures free and independent life for our people, so let us make our slogan "Resistance Is Victory," so let it be so and let victory be our ally in our liberation revolution, the future is ours, whether the enemy wants or not. The leader taught us in this way. "

What love deserves to sacrifice for it freely other than the revolutionary's love for their mountains, people and homeland

From the high mountain peaks in Bahdinan, Heftanin area, the resistance stronghold and castles of steadfastness and confrontation, among gunshots and fresh springs, lovely scents that cheer us up, in the magic embrace of the motherland, Kurdistan. The more we described, we discovered new things, no matter how we write, we cannot give it its full right because when we viewed it with a revolutionary perspective of course, it was greater than our assessments. The old life had no meaning because it is not the life that expresses true patriotism, but the essence of real life lies in these wonderful mountains which made us adore and sacrifice for it; it is not anarchic love, but rather a revolutionary one for revolutionary mountains, so what love deserves to sacrifice for it freely except the revolutionary’s love for his mountains, people and homeland. There are thousands of martyrs who guide us and are a symbol of resistance and sacrifice. Is there more than this sacrifice?"

Life within the PKK expresses the essence of true life, and the high comradeship that stands in the way of all liquidation attempts that make its base, and those who cannot stand the revolutionary life and comrades do not know whether death or surrender has meaning in their personalities because the revolutionary stands for overcoming difficulties, not surrender to difficult circumstances because the spirit that PKK implanted in us is not the spirit of subservience, but rather the spirit of resistance and redemption, and whoever cannot gain these two attributes will fall into a swamp that has no way out of it because the great sacrifice that PKK comrades enjoy deeply expresses its true essence and the extent of human connection with their motherland, freedom and independence cause for which thousands of martyrs sacrificed.

The interest of the majority of the Kurdish people is the goal; therefore, we see that the PKK represent the largest mass base in Kurdistan, it is based on a scientific theory that serves all humanity aspects. Patriotism is an important issue for humanity, and whoever is not patriotic in Kurdistan is not a human being. This sense was planted by the PKK, and this is the essence of the dispute between the PKK leadership and other reactionary Kurdish parties, and the modern PKK leadership under the leadership of the historical leader who embodied in his personality the human and national values and solutions for outstanding issues especially the Kurdish people freedom and independence, this historical leader who resolved all modern decades is APO. This is the Kurdistan brigade and its people, these are the principles that solve various modern issues. Kurdish people must adhere to them in practical life with great tactics, so that we can win the process of change in our favor. From this standpoint, we reached the ranks of Kurdistan Popular Liberation Army (ARGK), and let us give back a small portion of the right of the leader, the party and the martyrs, and make it a tool for victory over the enemies.

To all honorable patriots:

Every spring that passes on our liberation war is considered a leap that puts the enemy in a stifling crisis, but 1992 spring is a distinct of all years, it is a hot spring for our liberation war, it profoundly defines the march of victory, so patriots should understand this well, and this spring does not stand grave mistakes, but it requires moving on the basis of the stage tasks. The enemy also has attempts to win the result, but the national Kurdish people are estimated in the millions, so we say that the main initiative is in their hands, and they will take great steps that make the enemy paralyzed in all respects, and it will be hit its economic and cultural institutions at home and abroad.

Therefore, we say that the outcome of 1992 will be for our benefit; all these steps are related to ARGK forces and the efforts of the Kurdish people represented in National Liberation Front of Kurdistan (ERNK ), and their assistance to their revolution in the war of independence. This is a criteria that distinguishes the Kurdish honorable patriots, so whoever wants to be a true patriot cannot  stand idly before patriotism, and to separate the parts because you know that Kurdistan is firmly rooted under the feet of the fiercest colonists for three thousand years, and the enemies have tried to dissolve the concept of patriotism and plant betrayal concept, and they are exercising the ugliest forms of pressure on our nation, our women and our children, through the use of chemical gases and brutal massacres.

If we deeply understand the truth, we will become sincere patriots

If we understand this fact deeply, we will become sincere patriots, standing against all concepts that aims to eliminate true patriotism through ploys, such as the PDK leader in particular, as it is the biggest obstacle to the progress of the southern Kurdistan ( northern Iraq) specifically in the Bahdinan region because it is found on a backward tribal form; it constitutes an obstacle to the Kurdistan liberation revolution in this district. The PKK never knows impossible; whoever does not believe, let them read the history of the party.

We do not accept any obstacle that destroys an entire people, and PDK tactic is taken from the special Turkish war department; that is killing of every progressive person in the Bahdinan region. Today we have received news of the martyrdom of (Sadiq Omar) and (Ali Shaban) at the hands of the PDK near Zakho. There are many things we want to show the patriots to know the truth about this thing, but time is not helping us.

Everyone should know this fact, and some may understand this wrongly, and there are many of them, I know them, in addition to importing traitors from Turkey, and bringing them to Bahdinan to stand against us and build villages for them .......... etc.

But in this period many political and military tactics are taken in this field by failing the Turkish tactics of (the Kurdish infighting), and the PKK is also very wary of this issue, and the revolutionary spirit is under the ideas, lights and supervision of the historical leader APO who accomplished hundreds of leaders and revolutions that took place in the recent past failed to accomplish, and under the leadership of PKK ideology, he was able to unify the will of an entire people, to be a source of great strength for our people. The unification of the four parts of the ERNK front will turn into a comprehensive front, and it is the first step in this field, and we are seeking this fact, where the ARGK forces are in control of the region, and where hundreds of fighters join us in all fields.

That is why all patriots are required to adhere to their place in this revolutionary council, which represents the will of the Kurdish people in the four parts, and thus step by step until we recover Kurdistan, and for this we ask everyone to represent a steel will, and to help the comrades and the party with all capabilities, and our belief in you is strong. My revolutionary greetings to you."



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