Mauritania foils smuggling 1.4 million dollars in a Turkish ship

The security forces in Mauritania thwarted an attempt to smuggle hard currency in Mauritania aboard a Turkish ship, which was preparing to leave.

A unit of the Mauritanian Coast Guard confiscated approximately 1.4 million US dollars hidden on a Turkish ship in Mauritanian waters, and stopped the captain of the ship, according to semi-official Mauritanian sources confirmed to the "Sahara Media" website.

The Mauritanian News Agency reported that the Turkish ship, which is named "Mamoul Ismail Rice", was preparing to leave the Mauritanian waters towards Turkey and completed the exit procedures for the purpose of routine maintenance operations.

The agency explained that "the operation was thwarted after the Mauritanian Coast Guard got information that this amount was on board this ship."

Mauritanian security has arrested the ship's captain, who holds Turkish citizenship, and is currently under investigation.

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