MC of Tal Abyad condemns killing of child, civilian in last couple days by Turkey

The commander of the Tal Abyad Military Council, Riyad Al-Khalaf, condemned the ongoing Turkish attacks on Girê Spî district countryside, claiming the lives of two people during the past two days, despite the ceasefire agreement in these areas.

The commander talk came during a statement to Hawar News Agency, commenting that the Turkish shelling on the district and its countryside, claiming lives of two people during the past two days.

He condemned the constant Turkish attacks on the populated villages, which killed Hatem Zeidan and citizen Muhammad Suleiman in the past two days.

 He confirmed that Turkeys indiscriminate shelling and sniping continues against the areas of district and its civilians in villages near the front lines.

"These attacks take place in full view of the world, especially the Russian guarantor of the cease-fire in these areas without any deterrent." He noted.

He concluded his speech by saying: "The Syrian Democratic Forces respect international laws and agreements, and are committed to the ceasefire, but they will spare no effort in defending their areas from any aggression."

The child Hatem Zeidan, who from Ain Issa district last Friday, was killed in the indiscriminate shelling of the Turkish occupation on the district, and yesterday's snipers of the Turkish occupier targeted the citizen Muhammad Suleiman, while he was grazing his sheep in the pastures of the Tarwazi village of Girê Spi district nearby from the international M4 Road.



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