Mecenary Abu Karam narrates to ANHA details of his job , Turkey's relations with Daesh

The anti-terrorist units of the People Protection Units YPG arrested the mercenary and the prominent leader in IS whose name is "Adil Musa Abdel-Jazzar called Abu Karam, he is Palestinian origin, when he tried to escape and enter Turkish territory on 11 August. Hawar news agency held interview with him talking about Many details about his work and Turkey's relations with Daesh.


The mercenary, Abu Karam, was born in 1984 in the Palestinian Gaza Strip and took up arms in the Palestinian factions since he was a child. In his youth, he joined the Jund Ansar Allah belonging to  al-Qaeda, and after a period he became known as the second person after the terrorist Abu al-Nur al-Maqdisi, who declared the establishment of an "Islamic emirate in the confines of Jerusalem."

Abu Karam was injured in clashes with Hama movement of and arrested

Abu al-Nur al-Maqdisi and Abu Karam, who had announced the formation of Jund Ansar Allah and declared their allegiance to al-Qaeda. When Hamas took control of Gaza Strip, it wanted to drag Jund Ansar Allah its  under umbrella , but its request was rejected by Abu Karam and Abu al-Nur al-Maqdisi. The fighting erupted at Gaza mosque led to killing of Abu al-Nur al-Maqdisi and dozens of Jund Ansar Allah operatives. Abu Karam was also wounded and arrested by Hamas.

Hamas movement  releases Abu Karam then go to Libya

Hamas released Abu Karam several years later. Abu Karam recognizes to mecenaries of Daesh through his comrades in Jund Ansar Allah, Abu Dajana Palestinian, Abu Khattab Palestinian and Abu Musallam Palestinian, and he joins to ranks of mercenaries. Abu Karam, heading to the Libyan city of Benghazi, which is under  dominiation of  IS mercenaries, at the request of IS mercenaries, He had worked as intelligence work . He remains in Libya for a year and is appointed as a prominent Amir by support of IS  and  he participated in the battles fought byIS mercenaries.

Abu Karam crossing to Syria with the help of the Turkish national security "MIT"

Abu Karam is considered important person to IS and he had acheived great acheivements to IS in Libya Daesh invited Abu Karam to Syria with the help of Turkish MIT. In Libya, the Turkish state establishes a forged passport for Abu Karam, first crossing it to Turkey, and at the Istanbul airport he is greeted by the Turkish dead and taken to Antakya airport. In Antakya, the Turkish state of Abu Karam is sent by land to the Syrian territory through the Bab al-Salama crossing in Azaz town .

Abu Karam narrates how to cross to Syria and ease of transit from Turkey

"When I left Bani Ghazi for Turkey, I said to myself, How will I get from Turkey to Syria?" My comrades said that the Turkish state would help you. When we arrived in Turkey, things were facilitated by Turkish intelligence, They themselves helped us cross into Syria. Many people crossed from Bab al-Salama crossing on the day of crossing without any accountability. "

What did the international media say about crossing Abu Karam?

When Abu Karam crossed throughBab al-Salama crossing to Syria, he was greeted by his friends Abu Musallam, Abu Khattab and Abu Dajana. The crossing of Abu Karam has become the main concern of local and international media, where many sites and newspapers have touched up to his passage, saying "the largest Palestinian terrorist, crossing into Syria." Crossing him to Syria is create state of joyfully for a mercenaries.

Abu Karam begins his work in Syria

After the crossing of Abu Karam to Syria, hosted by the mercenaries of Jabhit al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham and some other mercenary  gangs for a month. Abu Karam launches attacks with these groups on Aleppo, and remains in the neighborhood of Maskan Hananu in the city of Aleppo, then sent by IS mercenaries to the north of Aleppo, and there begins to form intelligence groups belonging to Daesh , Abu Karam served as head of intelligence office in the city of Bab which was under domination of IS gangs .

Abu Karam, together with several of his Palestinian colleagues, formed a group called "Abu al-Nour Al-Maqdisi"

About his work in Syria, Abu Karam said, "Daesh gave agreat importance of Palestinians, especially the young people of the Gaza Strip, because we entered into many battles against Israel, they wanted to use us, and then we formed a group called" Abu Nour al-Maqdisi "and began to train them. He used our name on the media and carried out operations called "Mujahed al-Khadab".

Heading to al-Raqqa  city

After the establishment of intelligence centers and "Abu al-Nour al-Maqdisi" group, Daesh sent Abu Karam to al-Raqqa to participate in the establishment of intelligence and an army called " Jaish al-Sadiak ". Due to Abu Karam's experiences in the Palestinian war, he wanted to benefit from it. Accordingly, Abu Karam begins his work in al-Raqqa and starts digging trenches. Abu Karam began the establishment of an intelligence battalion called "Akrama." Abu Karam remains in al-Raqqa for a year and a half and accomplishes all the tasks entrusted to him. A month before the launch of the liberation campaign by the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, he leaves from al-Raqqa  city and heads to al-Mayadin city .

Turkey 's Relations with Daesh .

Abu Karam says, Turkey 's relation with Daesh "I can talk about hidden and hidden relations, because I was very important in the ranks of Daesh, I saw a lot in my own eyes ... When I crossed to Syria, I saw how Turkey was helping Daesh., and all the terrorists of the world were crossing into Syria through the Turkish territory Istanbul Airport and Antioch turned to the place of sending terrorists to Syria. The border was open to terrorists, and it was open to supply ammunition and logistics. Turkey has focused its intelligence groups in Syria through mercenary gangs and began to loot and destroy Syria Turkey is helping Da'ash to bring their families to Turkey as well. And they are organizing a new call for publication in the region again. In addition, Turkey sends ammunition to terrorist  gangs in Syria  under pretext that it sends aid to civilians. "

Turkey has been carrying out bombings in Europe through Daesh.

"Turkey has been training children and suicide bombers in the camps, training them on how to blow themselves up, and after Turkey supplies all the supplies to them and sends them to Europe with the help of the Turkish intelligence," Karam said. In particular, those countries that are fighting against Daesh such as France, America and Britain. "

Do not be fooled by Turkey's tricks and Daesh.

Abu Karam said at the end of his speech: "I appeal to all the people not to join the ranks of Daesh to stay away from terrorist acts ... Do not be fooled by provocative tricks of  Turkey and Deash  ... Before I joined the terrorist gangs , I lived a decent and beautiful life. I saw that there is a civil war, that everyone is fighting according to his interests, and therefore I appeal to everyone not to join terrorist  agnsg and not to become the cause of the killing of civilians. "

It is worth mentioning that the terrorist Abu Karam he has a great great influence among IS mercenaries, and  Daesh was  depend on him for  establishment of any group or other things. Because of its extensive terrorist acts, many countries were looking for him, and  People Protection Units YPG ended the march of this terrorist, who caused the deaths of hundreds, the destruction of cities and the displacement of the people.



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