The three members of the Reconciliation Commission were killed by mercenaries following altercation  during the reconciliation, and 4 mercenaries of the two gangs were wounded.

According to sources, this happened yesterday at the "Jin Afrin" hall in the center of Afrin canton, where the committee wanted to make a reconciliation between the two groups of al-Shamiya Front and al-Mutasim Brigade fought to share the stolen, where a number of mercenaries from both sides wounded.

On the other hand, a source from the area that the clashes between mercenaries in Afrin, caused the loss of dozens of families brought by the Turkish army from abroad. Families from abroad are in a state of discontent with the fighting between mercenaries.

The source said that some of the families who came from Eastern al-Ghouta are trying to get out of Afrin through their acquaintances from the mercenary gangs.