According to a source from the area, the Turkish occupation army turned the school of Hikja village in Shiah district of Afrin canton into a large prison to put the people of four villages; Hikja, Mirwania , Senara and Anqala if they would be arrested.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish occupation army arrested thousands of Afrin people after the occupation of Afrin, and many of them were taken to Turkey and some others were taken to the branches of the investigation opened in Afrin.

On the other hand, the Turkish occupation army allocated the house of one of its clients Hassen Damarji in Mirwania village as a center to provide permits and permission for the people to move in the four villages mentioned, knowing that most of the people of these villages have not entered their villages yet.

According to a special source, the Turkish occupation army established a center at the summit of Hikja village in Shiah district next to a water tank to monitor the movement of the people.

The source stressed that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are focusing heavily on the villages of Hikja, Mirwania, Senara and Anqala which are border villages with Turkey as the number of the Turkish soldiers and mercenaries in addition to their equipment increased to prevent the villagers from returning to their villages.

In the village of Anqala, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army settled al-Ghouta people in the neighborhood of al-Ashrafieh within the village.

In the center of Shiah district, the mercenaries erected a large checkpoint near the house of one of their clients Mustafa Khalli who became a military commander in the ranks of the mercenaries and was nicknamed by the director of the neighborhood, and he also turned his home into a headquarters for the mercenary commanders.
In turn, the source confirmed that the mercenaries of Faylaq al-Sham are establishing their headquarters in border Deir Baloot village of Janders district.