Mesmari: Turkey is involved in sending foreign weapons and terrorists to Tripoli

"Turkey is involved in the battle of Tripoli by sending weapons and equipment to terrorists across Malta," Libyan National Army spokesman Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari said Saturday.

"The Libyan National Army is engaged in a battle with terrorist groups that receive direct support from Turkey," Mesmari stated in a news conference on Saturday.

"There are boats sailing from Turkey loaded with weapons and equipment as well as "terrorists," he said. "Turkish flights are moving former fighters of al-Nusra who fought in Syria towards Libya."

"In the coming days, we expect suicides and booby-traps, but our national armed forces can deal with them," he said.

Mesmari reviewed pictures of a number of foreign pilots taking part in operations on the Libyan national army and civilian houses.

The spokesman reviewed the development of the military operations of the "Flood of Dignity", where the aerial strikes rose to 8 raids, including Camp Rahba in Tajoura and operating room on the coastal road connecting eastern Libya and Tripoli.

Source: Sky News

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