Mine explosion in al-Shahba, 1 child injured

An 11-year-old boy was injured when a landmine exploded in the village of Gernata in al-Shahba. According to the staff of Afrin Hospital, his condition is stable.

ANHA correspondents in al-Shahba reported on Wednesday evening that a child was wounded by a landmine in the village of Qebisin belonging to the city of al-Bab occupied by the Turkish occupation army, resulted in the injury of the child throughout his body, and was immediately taken by the parents to Avrin Hospital in Fafin district of Shahba canton for treatment. According to medical staff at the hospital, the condition of the child Mohammed is stable.

The family of the child Mohammad Meho from the village of Qebisin said that they fled to the village of Gernata of al-Shahba canton to escape the violations and practices of the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries in the city of al-Bab.



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