Mohammad Hamdoush: Turkey's attacks are aimed at reviving terrorism

The  member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, Mohammad Hamdoush stressed the need to convene a national Kurdish conference to unite the Kurdish class and the establishment of a Kurdish reference to confront the occupation policy.

After the occupation of Afrin, the areas of Başûr (southern Kurdistan), since the 27 of last May was subjected to the most aggressive attacks by the Turkish occupation in an attempt to occupy the region before  the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region.

In the face of what the Kurdish people have been subjected to for years of the policy of persecution, extermination and occupation, Kurdish political parties play an important role in confronting these policies, but this remains within a limited level in the absence of a common unit or reference on the ground.

In this regard, our agency (ANHA)conducted an interview with a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Syria, Muhammad Hamdoush, which focused on the policy of the Turkish occupation in the Middle East, especially Kurdistan.

"Turkey's policy is clear. From the very beginning, it is seeking to return to the Milli Charter and occupy the Middle East, taking advantage of the conditions that other countries allow," Hamdoush said.

Russia seeks to distance Turkey from NATO

"After 58 days in Afrin and the heroic resistance shown by our forces, there was an international plot on Afrin that was premeditated and planned. If there was no agreement between Russia and Turkey about the occupation of Afrin, Turkey would certainly not be able to approach Russia which is using Turkey to keep the latter away from NATO. "

Hamdoush criticized the deal of some Kurdish parties with the Turkish occupation, especially the Kurdish National Council, and said in his speech: "Of course we saw the collusion of some parties that claim to be Kurdish with the Turkish occupation and supported it in the occupation of Afrin, we can say that the Kurdish National Council within the Syrian coalition played this role, representatives of the Kurdish National Council that they liberated Afrin from the Kurdish forces and handed over to the Turkish occupation shows that.

Syria is divided!

On the policy pursued in Syria and the manipulation of the world countries by the current crisis according to their interests, Hamdoush commented on the matter by saying: "What is happening in Syria divides it into several parties. Each party is active in a place. No one has served the Syrian territory. Each side and their allies occupy Syria by the regime and the allies with it as Russia and Iran, and the opposition that serves Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, all the parties did not serve Syria. "

Kurds are the owners of a democratic project

As Mohammed Hamdoush stressed the only ones who have a democratic project are the Kurds who are seeking to solve the Syrian crisis, it is impossible to reach a radical solution without all the parties in Syria. The Kurds are protecting this land, so they are the ones who are concerned about the fate of the country."

"There was a series of meetings in Geneva, Sochi and Astana, without results. The most recent of which is the Astana meeting, which has become a burden on the Syrian people. Without the participation of the Kurds in the agreements or meetings regarding the discussion of the Syrian crisis there would not be a solution for the Syrian crisis ".

KRG is silent in front of the occupation

As for the attacks of the Turkish occupation on Başûr (south of Kurdistan) and Iraq, and the position of the governments of the attacks, Hamdoush said: "The position of the government of Başûr (KRG)should have been against the attacks of the Turkish occupation in Başûr strict Kurdistan, the Turkish occupation aims to fight the Kurds everywhere.

"The silence of the government of Başûr against the attacks comes to the satisfaction of Turkey, but this will not happen. The Iraqi government and KRG are required to reject the attacks of the Turkish occupation on Başûr Kurdistan," Hamdoush said.

"The Turkish occupation by its attacks on northern and eastern Syria and Iraq seeks to strengthen and support terrorism once again," he noted.

Call for holding of a national congress in Kurdistan

"There can be no solutions without Kurdish unity," he said. "The Kurds can unite within democratic projects." He called for the convening of a national Congress in Kurdistan, in which all Kurdish parties participate.

Hamdoush concluded by appealing to all Kurdish parties and organizations to hold a national Kurdish Congress and establish a Kurdish authority against the enemies of the Kurdish cause."



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