MPs, Germany, Sweden parties stressed that Turkey is occupied state

A delegation from Afrin handed over the demands of the Afrin residents and documents of violations and abuses practiced by the Turkish occupation in Afrin to international political and diplomatic bodies. While the delegation sought positive positions in the meetings.

More than a year passed, in the light of international silence about the violations and practices of the Turkish occupation in Afrin and the resistance of the people in al-Shahba canton under difficult circumstances, a delegation of three personalities traveled from Afrin to Europe to meet with political, diplomatic, juristic and humanitarian sides, parliamentarians, syndicates and municipalities in order to deliver the demands of the people of Afrin and the reality witnessed in Afrin and al-Shahba to abroad.

The delegation consisted of Aisha Hesso, Mushira Mulla Rashid, Idris Waqqas, and it visited on April 4 some European countries, and spent 20 days in the meeting with concerned parties to talk about the situation in Afrin and in al-Shahba.

In this regard, our agency (ANHA) has met with the delegation members, the co-chair of Sardam camp in al-Shahba Idris Waqas, and the spokeswoman of the women of Rojava Mushira Mulla Rashid after their return from abroad.

Documents were delivered

Idris Waqas said that before his visit to Germany and Sweden, the delegation collected documentary files accompanied by photographs, videos and information on the violations of the Turkish occupation in Afrin; ethnic cleansing, demographic change, murder, kidnapping, looting and stealing, in addition to the reality of resistance of the people in the camps and villages of al-Shahba canton and Sherawa district.

The delegation handed over the documented files to the political and diplomatic bodies to work on them, and to make influence on the international silence regarding the violations.

Turkey financed Daesh and occupied Afrin

Waqas pointed out that they discussed with the parties they met with the need to try Daesh mercenaries through an international court in northern Syria, adding that the issues of Afrin and the termination of Daesh mercenaries are linked to each other "because they belong to the Turkish state."

Demanding a committee to investigate facts

The delegation also called on foreign countries to form a fact-finding committee within Afrin, since most of the violations take place in secret without daring any side to enter Afrin and document the violations practiced there.

The authorities confirmed that Turkey is an occupying country

For her part, the spokeswoman for the women of Rojava Mushira Mulla Rashid noted that the parties and personalities who met them stressed that Turkey was an occupied state. She added, "At first, we went to Sweden and there we met with the Head of the Swedish Leftist Party and the Mayor of Stockholm, Kristina Alvandil. Then, we went to Germany and met with several figures from the Parliament, such as Zumer, the Development and Labor Department in the Middle East and Turkey, Helen Afrem and the Parliamentarian Haiku Lanka. We also noted that the German Leftist Party depended on the system of co-chairs of the two genders, and this stemmed from the fact that they derived this system from the thought of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. We met with the joint presidency of the party, Katya Kibeng. All parliamentarians, parties and personalities confirmed that Turkey was an occupying country and must have been held accountable because it had committed war crimes in Afrin."

We provided documents with pictures and video

And she continued her speech saying, "We have submitted all the documents that have confirmed that Turkey had committed massacres against the people of Afrin, destroying the monuments of Afrin and kidnapping and killing civilians in addition to practicing assaults against women and children, and the resistance of the people of Afrin in al-Shahba, and the documents have been handed over to those bodies."

She concluded by pointing out that "Daesh mercenaries may be revived again in Afrin if the Turkish presence and mercenaries remain there as everyone knows. Turkey has been and continues to be the main financier of Daesh mercenaries, and therefore, we told those parties that the presence of the Turkish mercenaries in any region would allow the spread of IS' ideology and this would pose a threat to the security of the region."

The German and Swedish authorities stressed that they would study the issues presented to them and would seek to reach the reality of what was happening in Afrin and would work to deliver the voice of the people of Afrin to the parties concerned.

It should be noted that this delegation is the first delegation composed of Afrin figures since the occupation of Turkey to the canton of Afrin on March 18, 2018 visits foreign countries to talk about the situation of living in Afrin and al-Shahba.



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