Mutual attacks between Regime, mercenaries

The forces of the regime launched a new attack on the villages of Tal Malh and al-Jibin north-west of Hama amid violent clashes with mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, which bombed positions of the regime forces in response to the targeting of a Turkish point.

 Russian forces launched a new offensive against the villages of Tal Malh and al-Jibin, north-west of Hama, violent clashes with Turkish-backed mercenaries, while the warplanes carried out more than 19 air raids on the battle hubs.

The regime's forces targeted more than 340 artillery and missile shells in areas in Tal Malh, al-Jibin, Al-Erbain, Buwaida and Kafarzita, in the northern and north-western Hama regions.

For its part, in response to the shelling of the Turkish point, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation targeted positions of the regime forces in the axis of Qeber Fida in Sehl al-Ghab  with dozens of rocket-propelled grenades.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the clashes between the mercenaries of Turkey and the regime forces resulted in the loss of 5 citizens for their lives, as a result of the bombing of warplanes of the military regime on the city of Ma'arat al-Nu'man.


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