Mutual shelling between Gaza, Israeli, 17 Palestinians in West Bank arrested

Israeli military planes targeted Palestinian factions in Gaza, while the latter responded by firing two rocket shells towards Israeli cities. The army also arrested 17 Palestinians during a campaign of arrests carried out in the West Bank.

Our correspondent (ANHA) from Gaza said that the Israeli army shelled sites belonging to the Palestinian factions in Gaza in response to the launching of firebombs from Gaza towards Israeli cities in the Gaza Strip, without causing any casualties.

The correspondent added that the Palestinian factions responded to the shelling by firing two shells landed in open areas of Israeli cities, without causing casualties.

The correspondent quoted from Palestinian sources saying that the Israeli army arrested 17 Palestinians, after destruction was inflicted to their properties and homes, during a large-scale campaign of arrests carried out by the Israeli army on Thursday morning in different parts of the West Bank.

He added that the army erected military checkpoints at the entrances and exits of different cities in the West Bank to search the Palestinians.

It is noteworthy that the limited mutual bombing is a sign of a further escalation, in light of the increasing field escalation between Gaza and Israel against the backdrop of Israel's procrastination to abide by the understandings of international truce between the two parties.



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