NATO's relationship with Turkish state

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established under the leadership of the United States of America as one of the institutions of the Cold War against the Warsaw Pact led by the Soviet Union, where NATO has been established in 1949.

For NATO, Turkey has long been regarded as a leading outpost in the Middle East. In 1952 Turkey applied to join NATO, and in 1956 it became a NATO member. Because of Turkey's geopolitical position, some problems arose from time to time, Turkey's key role in NATO has been to suppress internal opposition as well as the implementation of foreign occupation schemes.

"The major NATO operation began with the international campaign on October 9 to get me out of Syria," said Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

After the AKP took power in Turkey, the project of "moderate Islam", which is at the same time a NATO project against the leftist opposition as well as the suppression of the Kurdish people, where the “Green Belt” has been established by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

So, what are the causes and factors of the crisis that have emerged between the Erdogan regime and NATO in recent years?

Turkey entered NATO membership in 1956, and the first issues and problems of Turkey with the alliance in 1964, the US President at that time Lyndon Johnson said "Russia could intervene in Turkey, then NATO will have to defend Turkey compelled.” these comments angered the Turkish president at the time, Esmat Inonu, who said," there will be a new world, and Turkey will have a place in this world."

In 1974, when Turkey occupied Cyprus, the United States imposed an economic blockade on Turkey. In response, Turkey fully handed over the Turkish Incirlik base to the Turkish armed forces. In the Middle East, when the popular movement in Libya began, NATO intervened in Libya at that time, on February 28, 2011, Erdogan said, "What is NATO doing in Libya?" Soon after, Turkey also intervened in Libya under the cover of NATO.

After Turkey's purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system, Turkey's relations with NATO entered a different new phase.

Turkey, which was considered part of NATO in the face of Russia, an extension of the Soviet Union, has bought the Russian air defense system, which was considered for NATO countries "betrayal", and therefore the Alliance has taken tough positions against Turkey.

After Turkey bought the Russian S-400 system, NATO countries and other relevant countries considered that "Turkey has acquired anti-NATO weapons, which endangers the unity and cohesion of NATO."

Desiring to keep Turkey against Russia, NATO allowed Turkey in January 2018 to enter and occupy Afrin.

At the time, a number of NATO officials made statements such as "understanding Turkey's concerns about its security", which meant, of course, NATO's support for Turkey's efforts. On October 9, 2019, when Turkey wanted to occupy NE, Syria, NATO officials this time also made similar statements.

But after the international community expressed dissatisfaction with the crimes committed by both Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS during the Turkish operation, NATO said that "Turkey told us that it would carry out a limited operation" and NATO admitted that it supported the Turkish operation in NE, Syria.

On November 26, NATO decided to carry out military maneuvers in the Baltic region and Bologna against the possibility of intervention in these countries, an annual NATO exercise, Turkey objected to the exercises, which was considered by observers to be "the most prominent division in the history of NATO."

Turkey explained its objection to the order by saying "because NATO did not include the name of the People Protection Unite (YPG) in the list of terrorist organizations." According to news reported by Reuters, Turkey has asked NATO to include the name of the YPG in the list of terrorist organizations in return for the approval of the maneuvers.

On the other hand, Turkey has taken advantage of the conflict between NATO and Russia, and seeks to perpetuate its presence by taking advantage of this conflict.

In the recent offensive against NE, Syria, the European countries' hands against Turkey are Turkey's membership in NATO.

"NATO is living in clinical death. Europe is on the brink of collapse," French President Emmanuel Macron said. Macron proposed the creation of the so-called "European army" as an alternative to NATO.

"Turkey entered under the umbrella of NATO because of its geopolitical position and because of the Cold War conditions between the dominant countries. Turkey has sought to become a strong NATO police by suppressing revolutionary struggle movements," said Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Committing massacres in Kurdistan.

It is also trying today to play this role, as paramilitary institutions are developing in all fascist civilian centers, the center of gravity of World War III today is in the Middle East. This war can only stop when the threat of Iran is removed, stability in Afghanistan and Iraq and from China and Latin America is stabilized, so we are still in a state of war.

The latest NATO plan is expected to last 10 years. There will be occasional diplomatic understandings and other violence. Wars will emerge in many regions, and there is no doubt that the dominant forces will not always be victorious in these great wars.

People can also make a lot of gains, the dominant forces could also collapse, and the peoples' entities triumph. "



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