New joint patrol "Russia- Turkey" west of Kobani

Russia and the Turkish occupation state continue to conduct joint military patrols on the Syrian-Turkish border in implementation of the Sochi understandings reached by the presidents of the two countries on November 22, as a new patrol was conducted west of Kobani Thursday morning.

The Russian and Turkish sides started the joint patrol from the border village of Ashama, west of the city of Kobani, to head towards the villages of Gargali, Jabnah, Mishko, Binder, Qara Qawi, Siftek, Buban, Sosan, Deikmadash, Qiran, Bayadiyah and Zormaggar, which are all close to the border.

The patrol included 4 military armored vehicles from each side, in addition to two Russian helicopters for observation.



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