​​​​​​​Ocalan calls for establishing equitable order in Middle East

Abdul Karim Sarokhan pointed out that Ocalan's message about establishing peace and resolving disputes is clear in its content, as he calls for finding solutions and building a just order, while Gulistan Ibrahim explained that the leader Abdullah Ocalan had a democratic thought contrary to the laws of male domination that govern the world .

The dominant regimes of the Middle East region fight democracy, ideas based on the principle of multi-nationalism and coexistence. They reject all Ocalan's theses of establishing peace in the Middle East.

Member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party PYD Abdul Karim Sarokhan told Hawar News ANHA, that the message of the leader  is clear, as it calls for finding solutions and building a just order in the Middle East region, noting: "This issue in itself is the biggest obstacle for the dictatorial authorities, which are based on the principle that does not recognize plurality and contradicts the established concepts in the Middle East."

Ocalan's theses will be the beginning of the end for the ruling mentality in the ME

Sarokhan pointed to the failure of rulers of the Middle East to accept Ocalan's theses, and said: " Finding a solution to the ME crises will be the beginning of the end for the ruling mentality and Turkey. Thus these changes will be a pitfall for the ruling states.

Sarokhan focused on the Turkish state's ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish people and targeting its presence in Turkey, and extending the sovereignty of the single leader, pointing to the main pillar that Erdogan is adopting in eliminating democratic votes in the country.

Turkey is fighting all the policies that seek to end the era of one nationalism

On the attempts of the Turkish state to end the project of the coexistence and people brotherhood, he explained by saying: “The Turkish state fights all the opposing policies of the national era, and end its leadership role as it claims in ME."

The democratic nation is based on a group of nations principle that meet in a single crucible, according to a social contract among the co-living components Therefore, it is the most effective solution to all outstanding issues in a region Middle East.

He pointed to the superpowers role in fighting the principle of the democratic nation,  by saying: "The dominant powers plans are based on the division of the fragmented into other parts, especially after the end of the First World War and the Sykes-Picot agreement, when it divided the Arab Nation as well as Kurdistan. "

Turkey thinks it will prevent the leader's ideology from spreading by isolating him."

Leader Ocalan's theses emphasized that the people must follow the third line, nor the authoritarian regime nor the opposition, but rather a new approach and the beginning of a new stage.

In his speech, he pointed out that all of the above was linked to the isolation imposed by the international leader Abdullah Ocalan, the Turkish authorities ’fear of his ideas and theses regarding the key to a solution in the Middle East, and the end of the outstanding differences, stating by saying:“ Turkish authorities ’tightening of isolation against the leader Ocalan, thinks It will prevent his thought from spreading, as it is fully aware that the leader can attract the opinion of millions of societies; these ideas seemed clear in northern Syria.

" Ocalan's thought was different from the male domination laws that govern the world

In the same context, member of the Women’s Council of the Syrian Democratic Council, Gulistan Ibrahim, explained that the laws are in the interest of a certain segment. That is why it is witnesses an ongoing conflict.

Leader Ocalan's democratic thought is different from male domination that govern the world. In this regard, we can say that the leader’s philosophy embodied in freedom and freedom from slavery are the key to the most appropriate solution to what the Middle East world is going through.”

She touched on the isolation of the Turkish authorities on the international leader, noting: "Turkey pursues a repressive political policy, by planting differences between the peoples of the region with its various components. Rejecting the leader's thought and philosophy that calls for coexistence and respect for all religions and sects."

In the conclusion of her speech, she pointed out that, thanks to the thought and philosophy of Ocalan, which spread in the regions of northeast of Syria, and adopted by the oppressed peoples, they were able to live in brotherhood and love, and accept others under one umbrella.

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