Öcalan's lawyers are reviewing the prosecution to meet their client

 Lawyers of leader Abdullah Ocalan submitted a request to the Turkish Public Prosecutor in Bursa to meet their client in Imrali prison.

Lawyers for the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, " Raziye Turgut, Rezan Sarica, Serbay Koklu and Ibrahîm Bilmez," reviewed the prosecution in the Turkish city of Bursa, and applied to see their client Ocalan, who is in Imrali prison.

It is noteworthy that after eight years, lawyers and the family of leader Ocalan were able to meet with him on May 2, May 22, June 12, and June 18, and the last meeting was on August 7 last, and from that date until now The Turkish authorities allow lawyers to meet with their client.



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