Occupation targets youth to reach its goals, we must join hands to thwart its plans

The Co-Chair of the Youth and Sports Body in the Autonomous Administration indicated that the "special war" policy, by which Turkey targets youth is a continuation of the implementation of its ambitions, calling on youth to increase awareness and organization and not to be dragged behind the occupation that is trying to recruit them in its favor.

The Co-Chair of the Youth and Sports Body in the Autonomous Administration, Mahmoud Bashir, spoke during an interview with Hawar news agency's correspondent to talk about the Turkish occupation's goal of "special warfare" and its targeting of the youth in particular.

Mahmoud al-Bashir, the Co-Chair of the Youth and Sports Body began his speech that Turkey's intentions are clear since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011 by exploiting the revolutionary youth group and making it deviate from its path by inserting the elements that work in its favor among these youth and recruiting them to implement its occupation interests in Syria.

Turkey exploited the chaos in Syria

Al-Bashir added: "Turkey was able to exploit the chaos that prevailed after the transformation of the Syrian revolution from peaceful to armed by supporting some extremist factions militarily to achieve political and military gains in Syria, as it was able to achieve this by occupying some of the Syrian areas such as Jarablus, Afrin and Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî recently with the support of these factions.

He pointed out that Turkey in recent years began to intervene in Syria directly and implement the policy of demographic change in the areas it occupies, or in the Autonomous Administration regions through its internal agendas, and all of this falls under the colonial policy and the dreams of Erdogan to restore the glories of his Ottoman ancestors.

The Co-Chair of the Youth and Sports Body added: "We see now through the arrest of the security forces in the Autonomous Administration regions of several cells belonging to the Turkish intelligence "MIT " their targeting of our youth and recruiting them to fight their people and spread strife and unrest in our regions that enjoy security and stability via social media and  promoting drug and prostitution among young people (a special war) to facilitate control over them and divert their eyes and minds from the plots being hatched against their regions.

Turkey targets the youth category as it is the active and dynamic force in building society

Mahmoud al-Bashir pointed out during his speech that Turkey is directly targeting the youth group in its own war, as they are the active and dynamic forces in building society and defending it against any external interference.

He stressed that increasing awareness and organization more among the youth group will be an impenetrable block in the face of the colonial designs that the Turkish occupation state is waging against the northern and eastern regions of Syria, and the liberation of the areas that were usurped from them.

He noted that they in the Youth and Sports Body in the Autonomous Administration support the movements and campaigns launched by the Revolutionary Youth Movement in all regions of north and east Syria, indicating that the campaign launched last month, “We Will Definitely Triumph," is the best evidence of the strength of our youth and their determination to continue the struggle and liberation.

Appealing to awareness of special warfare

The Co-Chair of the Youth and Sports Body concluded his speech by appealing to all young people, whether in the occupation areas or the Autonomous Administration not to be dragged behind the occupier's plans and awareness of (the special war), through which the occupation seeks to recruit them to fight their parents, calling on them to preserve the gains of the martyrs who sacrificed their blood for their people to enjoy peace and safety.


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