Official in Pentagon : we are committed to supporting SDF, northern Syria who made sacrifices

While US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that "we have not abandoned the Kurds," a senior Pentagon official told Al-Hurra that US forces were "committed to protecting SDF," noting that northern and eastern Syria had made many sacrifices.

US President Donald Trump said today that the United States "has not abandoned the Kurds" in Syria, Al-Hurra said that the Trump tweet comes after the United States announced the start of the redeployment of troops from the border areas with Turkey in northern Syria to the threat of Turkey with an imminent attack on areas where SDF forces are deployed.

The SDF have warned that an attack would undermine its successful efforts to defeat ISIS.

In a statement to Al-Hurra, a senior Pentagon official said that US forces in Syria and Iraq in the international coalition against ISIS are "committed to supporting SDF.

The official stressed that this is "strategic" to the stability of northern and eastern Syria, and "not to be exposed to areas of northern Syria, which made a lot of sacrifices in the face of terrorism."

Asked about the possibility of an attack by the Turkish army on Qamishlo, Ain Issa, Tall Abyad, and other areas in northern and eastern Syria, the official said only that "President Trump's message has reached the Turks and they have understood its contents."


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