Painful excerpts from Kobani's massacre

The horrible crimes that committed against thousands of the civilians against Kobani people in Berix Batan village is still fresh in their memories, and scenes of the horrors of the killing of civilians and children, narrated by eyewitness Jiyan Burkul on the fourth memory

Today, marks the anniversary of the massacre of Kobani, which took place on June 25 of the year 2015 in which more than 242 civilians were martyred, that committed by Daesh mercenaries, after receiving harsh blows by the People and Women Protection Units (YPG, YPJ) in Kobani

Four years on the massacre have passed, but the events of the massacre still remain in the minds of the people who was present

Among the witnesses to the massacre was Jiyan Burkul, director of the Committee for Democratic Community Education and a Kurdish language teacher in Aleppo. She remembered the events of the painful Kobani massacre that took place after she and four Kurdish teachers headed towards to attend the first conference of the Democratic Community Education Committee in Al-Jazeera region.

After the conclusion of the conference, Jiyan Burkul went to Kobani to cross to Aleppo and her friends to Afrin. When they arrived in Kobani, they had seen the joy of victory popup of the faces of the people and they wanted to walk through the streets of Kobani, after which she visited her sister's house and stayed with her friends, and her friends went to the teachers' house to stay there.

A few days later, before 5 am, while Jiyan was in her sister's house, they heard the sound of bullets. The parents thought that with the joy of the victory of the People's Protection Units (YPG) in Sreen area, the people went out to the streets and found people dressed uniformed of (YPG).

And added "Daesh mercenaries were stationed at several strategic points and in high buildings, and they put snipers in them, In the villages, the mercenaries entered the houses disguised as the People's Protection Units' Fighters (YPG), but they had put a yellow tape on their arms to differentiate between each other from YPG's fighters, but the parents did not know this and knock the doors of the people and kill them, and after the parents learned that they had refused to open the doors, but Daesh mercenaries were entering houses from the roof and killing everyone who was there. "

After that, the people of the city went out and went to the camp, where most of the Kobani 's homes had been completely destroyed, and the area was safer and far from Daesh.

Others went to the border village of Tel -Shaeer, but Jiyan went to the camp, where one of her relatives was martyred and they had to bury him. She met people there with her friends and introduced herself to them and her news was prevented from her friends to go with them to the military hospital to learn about the funeral of her friend Zuzan Yousef "At that time, Jiyan saw many funerals and told her there that the city of Kobani was committing a horrific massacre by Daesh mercenaries. It was about 12 noon, when the martyrs numbered 101 martyrs who were able to count them. Then the body of the martyr Zuzan Yousef was buried in a piece of land had been prepared to bury the martyrs there.

I cannot describe the horrors I have seen

After the return of Jiyan to the city of Aleppo did not stop thinking to took revenge for her friend form Daesh mercenaries, and in February of 2016 violent attacks had launched by the Turkish occupation army 's mercenaries on Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood, and asked for support from the civilians and Jiyan rushed to took arms and support fighters, who were stationed in the front lines, and the battles lasted four months till achieved the win in the neighborhood, asserting that the promise made by the promise of self-victory against mercenaries.



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