Participants in Syrian clans' forum: Our meeting's results were fruitful, came in serving Syrians 

The elders of the Arab clans who participated in the meeting of the Syrian tribal elders have described the results of their meeting as fruitful, and that they came in the interest of the Syrian people, stressing that the strength of the Syrian people lies in the unity of the row and the strong will, embodied in practice by eliminating Daesh mercenaries.

The clans' elders who participated in the Syrian clans' forum have expressed the importance of that meeting and describe it as fruitful and that its results met all people's demands who had granted them the confidence. In addition, the meeting aimed to preserve the unity of the land not to divide it and to stand up to nay aggressor who would try to spread the ethnic tendency among the people of the area.

During an interview with our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) the Sheikh of al-Amour clan in the countryside of Homs Mohammed Omar has explained that during their meeting, "the full vision of the world's attention has become clear that we are a people with values and principles that link close and solid relations among all the components of the Syrian people in all its sects and spectra."

Al-Sheikh al-Omar thanked all those who participated in the meeting and contributed to the gathering of the Syrian clans under one tent. This is a clear indication of the hospitality of the Syrian clans. This event has not happened for years, the most important demands were the establishment of international tribunals to hold accountable of Daesh mercenaries who are detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for their crimes.

For his part, The Sheikh of al-Ja'abat clan, Tala Hilal al-Sibat said, "The gathering of Syrian clans' forum is a project for the unity of the Syrian land and people, and their adherence to their principles, which guarantee the requirements and rights of all segments of the Syrians who live together and follow the democratic nation's principle."

Sheikh Talal al-Sibat said, "We will call upon our children and all the peoples of northern and eastern of Syria to be united under the flag of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the banner of freedom and peace and not to forget the blood of our martyrs who sacrificed themselves to live in the security and stability that we are enjoying now."

At the end of his speech, Sheikh of al-Ja'abat clan, Talal al-Sibat said, "We will be an immune fortress in the face of the brutal Turkish occupation state, which dares to commit violations and launch attacks against our people from time to time, especially the construction of an aggressive wall that aims at dividing Syria in addition to annexing the city of Afrin, which is an integral part of the unity of the Syrian land to the brutal Turkish state."



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