Partiya Keska Kurdistan response to KNK appeal for announcing general alarm

The head of the Partiya Keska Kurdistan" al-Akdar Party", Luqman Ahmi, called on them to call the Kurdistan National Congress, explaining the need to hold a national conference in Kurdistan before it is too late. He said: "general alarm must be announced to reduce threats and Turkish attacks."

The Kurdistan National Party has urgently appealed to the Kurdish parties and forces to meet urgently and reach a common vision and position against the Turkish occupation of Kurdistan, through a statement issued after an extraordinary meeting held on July 27 in the Belgian capital Brussels.

According to the head of the Partiya Keska Kurdistan, Luqman Ahmi, the call of the Kurdistan National Congress KNK came at the right time to unite ranks in the face of Turkish threats, and said: "especially that the Kurdish areas at the current stage face serious threats."

Kurdistan National party demanded to hold meeting before it is too late

the head of the Partiya Keska Kurdistan as a part of the Kurdish parties which support of the Kurdistan National Party and the necessity to hold meeting "A Kurdish national conference should be held today before tomorrow, before it is too late, to confront the threats facing the region," he said.

General alarm must be announced to reduce Turkish threats and attacks

He called on all parties and Kurdish political parties to convey Turkish threats to public opinion, to avoid delusions, and to announce the general alarm to limit these threats and Turkish attacks. He said: "All parties and Kurdish political parties and civil society organizations must raise voices that reject the Turkish occupation, That Turkey is targeting a certain Kurdish party. "

The head of the Partiya Keska Kurdistan that Turkey poses a threat to Kurdistan and Kurdish democratic projects through its direct support for mercenary gangs such as Daesh and Jebhet al-Nusar, and said: "Turkey targets the security and stability of the Kurdistan region."



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