Pedersen meets regime's officials today in Damascus

The international envoy, Geir Piedersen, arrived in Damascus on Saturday for talks with the Syrian regime on the "constitutional commission", which is stymied by the conflicting interests of so-called "Guarantor States".

The international envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, met Sunday with Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem for talks on the so-called constitutional committee.

Piedersen came after, Stephane de Mistura, and took the files which are linked in the Constitutional Commission, whose adoption is stymied by differences between the so-called Guarantor States.

The Syrian file is dominated by disputes and conflicts of interest between the Guarantor States (Russia, Turkey and Iran) over several files, most notably the situation in Idlib and the so-called "Demilitarized zones".

Turkey seeks to merge Jabhit al-Nursa 's mercenaries, within new organizations, with a view to its inclusion in the Constitutional Commission, while Russia rejects this and believes that Turkey must dissolve all these organizations and hand over their positions to the regime's forces.



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