People of Girkê Legê: We derive determination from resistance of Leyla Guven, her comrades

A number of Girkê Legê people said that the ideas of Ocalan disturbed the colonial countries, stressing that tightening isolation was an extension of the international conspiracy against Ocalan, and expressed their support for the hunger strike activity to demand the lifting of isolation.

As the campaign of hunger strike continues in the Turkish prisons and the various cities of Kurdistan and the world, demanding to lift the isolation of the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan, the supporting activities for the campaign are escalating.

The people of Girkê Legê, who are following the campaign, confirmed their solidarity with the hunger strikers, and stressed that they were determined by this resistance to continue the struggle.

The citizen Mohammed Jamil said during an interview with our agency (ANHA) that he stood by "the historical resistance shown by MP Leyla Guven and all hunger strikers in order to lift the isolation on leader Ocalan."

Jamil referred to the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Ocalan, and said in this regard, "History is the best guide to know the peoples and their struggle with the unjust rulers. The colonial countries that planned for the plot had a history of oppression and enslavement of the peoples because the leader's ideas were the ideal of all oppressed peoples and would change all repressive regimes seeking to extend their control over the peoples of the Middle East."

He concluded, "All of us owe to the leader Ocalan's philosophy. We find ourselves linked to our land, and we find our approach in democracy."

The member of the Reconciliation Committee in Girkê Legê Saleh al-Ahmad said at the beginning of his speech that the ideas of Ocalan was a problem that obstructed the path of the regimes that caused corruption in our land. He added, "The thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan and his revolutionary approach that opened the way to all revolting peoples made the colonial countries fear his ideas that demanded the liberation of the peoples."

Al-Ahmed continued, "But the ideology of the leader and his philosophy illuminated the minds of millions of people, especially under Rojava Revolution, and these bright ideas did not fit the authoritarian regimes that wanted to undermine the will of the peoples in the Middle East."

He added, "We support any resistance or activity aimed at breaking the Imrali prison, especially the heroic resistance of parliamentarian Leyla Guven, and her comrades in the prisons of the fascist state of Turkey. The leader Ocalan devoted his life to the oppressed peoples, and we will struggle and demand freedom for leader Ocalan, and stand with all the strikers for the sake of the leader's freedom."



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