Politician: buffer zone under Turkey's supervision is against people of northern Syria

"The safe area" that Turkey seeks to establish is directed against the rights of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, said the politician Fouad Saadi. Saadi called for a buffer zone under international supervision.

The Turkish occupation seeks to establish a buffer zone in northeastern Syria, which is considered against the security and stability of the region, citing the destruction, killing and looting of the other areas occupied by Turkey.

Fouad Saadi and the administrator in the Democratic Union Party(PYD) in the area of Girgê Legê talked to our agency on the subject and confirmed at the beginning that the regions of northern and eastern Syria is the safest in Syria, pointing out that Turkey is seeking to occupy the region through the establishment of a buffer zone under its control.

"Turkey wants to confiscate Kurdish rights and identity both inside Syria and abroad by all means," Saadi said, adding,"The buffer zone is against the rights of the people of northern and eastern Syria."

Saadi referred to the practices of the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin "all components involved in the Autonomous Administration must learn lessons from the example of Afrin, which was an incubator for all Syrians and an example of the peoples' fraternity and co-existence and organization among them, and is now an arena for displacement and battles and looting and destruction and murder by the state terrorist which now wants to create a buffer zone. "

"The reason for the presence of terrorism in Syria is Turkey, so when Turkey seeks to establish a buffer zone, we have to look at Afrin, Jrablos and al-Bab," said Fouad Saadi, "Turkey has been a hotbed of terrorist groups." The international community has evidence of Turkey's support for terrorist groups, "He said.

Saadi called for the safe area to be under the supervision of the United Nations and the supervision of a joint international force, adding "Our goal is a free, democratic Syria where justice, brotherhood and co-existence will be established, away from the demographic change of Syria, so we demand that the buffer zone be under the supervision of the Security Council or the United Nations, "He said.

At the end of his speech, he said, "We had an important role and essential in the elimination of Daesh so we will not leave our land, our strategy away from the policy of betting."



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