Politician: Idlib is beginning of Turkish plans' failure in Syria

The politician, Idris Iso, said that Russia no longer believed in the trade-offs of the new military bases in the areas of al-Shahba, noting that Turkey would exit because it was an occupying state and had no rights in Syria. He added, "Idlib is the beginning of the failure of Turkey's plans in Syria."

The clashes in Idlib between the forces of the Syrian regime backed by Russian warplanes and the Turkish occupation's mercenaries who received heavy weapons, as well as sophisticated missiles provided by Turkey, continued after the rejection of both mercenaries of Heyat Tharir al-Sham (previously Jebhet al-Nusra) and the mercenaries of Heyat al-Tahrir the truce announced by Russia and Turkey.

These clashes came after the Turkish occupation failed to comply with the decisions of Sochi and Astana, which ruled to form a De-escalation zone and to take out the mercenaries of Jehhet al-Nusra from the points agreed by Turkey and Russia.

On the events and developments experienced by Idlib and the tensions between Russia and Turkey, (ANHA) interviewed an official of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) in Serê Kanîyê, the lawyer Idris Iso, who said that the recent events in the city of Idlib and the violent military attack by the Syrian regime in cooperation with Russia on the Idlib region were the result of previous agreements that took place between the Turks and the Russian and Iranian forces."

The Turkish occupation and Russia have agreed to get out the mercenaries from the vicinity of Idlib between 15 to 20 km. Iso noted that the Turkish occupation sought to get its mercenaries out and turned it into a tool to achieve the interests of the intervening and influential countries in the matter of Syria, especially Russia, Iran and Turkey, he added, "These countries have interests on their own, regardless of the interests of the Syrian people as a whole."

Besieging the mercenaries and getting them out from suburbs of Damascus

After the announcement of the "De-escalation" zones, the regime's forces hastened to strengthen their presence in those zones. In this context, Iso noted, "The agreements to stop the escalation have strengthened the position of the Syrian regime for the mercenaries, which led to the withdrawal of mercenaries from southern Syria in general, and the Damascus countryside in particular, and concentrating them in the city of Idlib."

Iso said that if Idlib fell militarily, Turkey would lose a major paper, especially since Russia did not accept trade-offs, as it did in a number of Syrian regions and cities. He continued, "Russia has no longer believed in trade-offs, this is why it is building new military bases in the areas of Shahba, and this shows that Russia does not seek to withdraw from these areas as happened in the city of Afrin previously."

At the end of his speech, the official of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti), Idris Iso said, "Turkey will forcibly get out because it is an occupying state and has no rights in Syria. It is the main supporter of terrorist gangs. The international community, the Syrian people and the actors in Syria will not accept now and in future any military or civilian presence in any name for Turkey in the Syrian territory. The fall of Idlib will be the beginning of Turkey's defeat in Syria."



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