Politician: Turkey's goal of building division wall is obliterating Kurdish identity

A politician explained that the main objective of the construction of the wall in Afrin is to obliterate the Kurdish identity and separate Afrin from its motherland Syria. Erdogan seeks to eliminate the project of democratic self-rule calling for the democratic nation, because this project is a Syrian project that does not fit Turkish ambitions, assuring their party's rejection to the wall.

Turkey and its mercenaries occupied Afrin canton in 18 March 2018, after launching a large-scale offensive with heavy weapons and aircrafts supported by their mercenaries, and under the eyes of the international community, which remained silent on these attacks and massacres.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have committed since their occupation of Afrin many violations of human rights, and brought about demographic change through the housing of the inhabitants of al-Ghouta and the families of its mercenaries in the homes of the people of Afrin, not to mention seizure of all the goods of the canton and looting archaeological sites. Now Turkey is seeking to open a road linking Afrin to Turkey, as it did with Iskenderun, while the international silence continues to accompany these violations.

On this subject, Hawar News Agency met with the administrative director of the Organizational Office of Future Syria Party-al-Hasakah branch, Ahmed Asaad, who started by saying: "Turkey building the separation wall" partition wall "proves that its ambitions are not new in Syria, it wants to restore its Ottoman Empire and spread its hegemony by the Muslim Brotherhood, her ambitions go to Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other areas that have called for freedom.

Asaad said that Erdogan's ambitions to occupy Afrin are clear. He is trying to change the demography of Afrin and link it to Turkey, and he has occupied its land and uprooted its trees and brought its mercenaries to settle in Afrin and uprooted its indigenous inhabitants. Besides, names of hospitals, schools and institutions have been changed from their original names to Turkish."

"Turkey always claims that the areas controlled by Democratic Autonomous Administration threaten its national security and stability and pose a threat to Erdogan's state. These allegations are weak and groundless. Since Rojava revolution broke out, not even one shot has been fired at Turkey, and the whole world knows that Turkey's claims are false. "

Asaad noted that the construction of the wall is accelerating the process of changing the demographic Afrin to separate it from Syria, linking it with Turkey as it did in Iskenderun, and make Afrin a Turkish region on the one hand, and on the one hand to eliminate the Kurdish component and keep it away from their city.

He added that "the main objective of the construction of the wall is to obliterate the Kurdish identity in Afrin and to strike the will of the people who resist in al-Shahba and seek to return to their homes, in addition to Afrin residents whom Turkey forcibly displaced.

Asaad stressed that their party, the Future Syria Party, rejected Turkish threats and did not accept the construction of the "partition wall," which is tantamount to dividing Syria and separating Afrin from its motherland. "Erdogan seeks to destroy the Democratic Autonomous Administration project that calls for the democratic nation, this Syrian project does not fit Turkish ambitions, and all people in the north and east of Syria: Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs back this project and say that they are against Turkish colonialism.

"We have seen the solidarity of the peoples in the north and east of Syria in the course of eliminating Daesh and ending its existence geographically," he said.

Ahmed Asaad, regretted the statements made by the Syrian regime on the people in northern and eastern Syria and describes them as separatists and call for division, while Turkey occupied Afrin, Jarablus, al-Bab and Azaz, the Syrian regime did not stir a finger.

Assad said that "the Syrian regime must reconsider its policies and resume dialogue with the peoples of north and east of Syria without restrictions and conditions, because there are fundamentals, Syria today is not like 2011, so the Syrian regime should not think so, the people in northern and eastern Syria do not want to go back to that time, especially after the spread of democracy, pluralism and decentralization."

"As the future Syria Party, our main objective is to work on the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, to have the interest of the Syrian people above all and to engage with the Syrian opposition, which hands have not been stained in the Syrian blood, and building a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized basis for Syria from the north and east of Syria to all of Syria, to stand up to the Turkish occupation and its ambitions to occupy our land."




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