Politicians: 3rd approach is way to achieve democracy, solve Syrian crisis

Politicians from Aleppo said the Syrian crisis would be resolved by its own people not by foreign countries and  Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan stressed the importance of the "Third Line approach."

The message sent by the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan through his lawyer from Imrali prison drew the attention of the political and social circles in the north and east of Syria because of its importance in resolving the Syrian crisis and promoting democracy.

ANHA spoke to the member of the General Council of (PYD) and a member of the Women's Council of PYD in Aleppo

A member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party in Aleppo, Issa Mustafa, said that the Third Line Approach, which is spoken by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, is important for all the peoples of the Middle East. Whoever wants a free and democratic Syria must follow this approach.

He pointed out that the commitment of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria to this approach strengthened the brotherhood of peoples and the principles of coexistence, and that "those who work within the third line can reach a solution to the Syrian crisis."

Mustafa pointed out that they in the Democratic Union Party are defending this approach established by "the leader of the Kurdish people for all peoples in the Middle East since the beginning of the crisis to this day, so he recalled that the Syrian crisis is not over and that the democratic agreement among all peoples is the basis of approach "We will therefore protect this approach, which gives us all our right within the Autonomous Administration as components of this land."

A member of the Women's Council of the Democratic Union Party in Aleppo Nergis Bekr said in this regard, "the third approach put forward by the leader Abdullah Ocalan is to protect all peoples and coexistence, and the people's fraternity.

She added, "during the Syrian crisis, the Autonomous Administration was formed with the aim of organizing all components and protecting their rights and cultures. YPG and YPJ were formed during this crisis, these forces proved their prominent role in the face of the mercenary attacks and the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army by following the approach of the third line."

All peoples must unit to get the Turkish occupation out of Syrian territory and to solve the Syrian crisis with its own people and not with the foreign countries," she said at the end of her speech, adding that the leader stresses the importance of completing this approach and his message noted that the solution lies in this approach."



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