Politicians in the Future Syria Party in an interview Hawar news agency, held with them, released these statements.

Muhamad al-Talih, a member of the party said that Syria does not need to bring new forces, noting “we are in need of forming a local force according to the properties of the existing society in the Syrian north.”

Al-Talih noted that the Syrian Democratic Forces are capable of protecting the northern Syrian region, Muhamad said “SDF included young men and women from all components in north Syria, the forces are capable of protecting their regions, and did what armies could not to defeat the terrorism.”

Al-Talih also noted that they support forming a local force and aspire to political solution according to the international resolution no. 2254, and not militarizing the Syrian people as a whole, he stated “we hope that all the Syrian spectra and the dominant powers participate in writing future Syria’s constitution.”

The politician and the member of the Future Syria Party called the Arabic Coalition to support the efforts to solve the Syrian crisis, excluding the thought of militarization.

As for the demographic change that takes place in Afrin and other Syrian areas by the Turkish occupation army and Russia, Kadim Ibrahim, another member of the Future Syria Party said “forced displacement and demographic change are an outrageous act that all celestial religions and laws do not accept.”

Ibrahim added “forced displacement and demographic change are a hideous crime against the people of Afrin.”

In a relevant concern, the politician assured that resuming al-Jazeera Tempest by the Syrian Democratic Forces to terminate the Daesh final pockets on the Syrian land and will have a great impact on the region on all levels.”