PYD: ENKS' statement is declaration of its accession to plot  on Autonomous Administration

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) rejected a statement by the Kurdish National Council(ENKS), which blamed the Democratic Union and the Autonomous Administration for the fabricated fires of the region. The Democratic Union said that the statement of the Council is consistent with the statements of Turkish officials and statements of the Syrian Coalition.

The information office of the Democratic Union Party issued a written statement, the text of the statement is as follow:

"It's no secret that a delegation of Kurdish parties in Syria, including the head of our party(PYD) is moving to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, in order to preserve the gains achieved in Rojava and Başûr Kurdistan, and unify the visions that the democratic issue in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran cannot be achieved without finding a fair solution for the Kurdish cause.

It is also not surprising that the entire Middle East is really heating up, the regime of Ankara, as declared by a destructive agenda, bears the great responsibility for undermining security and stability not only in Turkey, Syria and Iraq but throughout the region.

In these sensitive times, with achieving tangible gains in Rojava and the north and east of Syria, and the transformation of SDF into a global symbol against terrorism, at a time when the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has turned into a model for resolving the Syrian crisis, we see that the so-called Secretariat of the Kurdish Council(ENKS) issuing a statement claiming the failure of our party to protect the livelihood of peoples and hold us responsible for what the seasons witness in the areas of Democratic Autonomous Administration from the fires fabricated by parties who have interests in aborting this administration.

The PYD Media Office reject the statement of the Kurdish Council(ENKS) in its entirety and reject politicizing the suffering of the people from any side. At the same time, we affirm that this statement comes first in the hostile propaganda campaign of the Justice and Development Party(AKP) and in line with the statements of Ben Ali Yildirim in transforming the occupation of his regime the Afrin Canton  into a liberation and in their determination to occupy (East of the Euphrates) and change its demography.

It also comes in line with what was issued by the so-called Nasr Hariri in the same context, and comes as an attempt to export what is being exposed to the Kurdish Council of crises as a result of the state of division suffered by the council and the emergence of a number of the leadership of this council to approve the crimes of the Turkish occupation and mercenaries and justifies the extreme aggressiveness of the fascist regime of Ankara towards Syria and largely towards the Democratic Autonomous Administration that we as a party is part of it with dozens of Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Assyrian, Turkmen and others parties.

It also comes in order to confuse and mislead the openness of the Arab diplomatic, European and American to the Autonomous Administration, and comes to instill strife among the components of our people. The authors of this statement have become a declaration of explicit adherence to these hostile bodies, against our administration that blocked the road to every attempt to thwart coexistence and transform our regions into a place of national or internal conflict. Who wrote this statement is the same who tried to thwart and disrupt the battles of liberation of al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor and issuing cheap charges do not need to bother to respond; and other stray hostile statements.

We also assure all of our people that we are committed to the decisions of all our party conferences, especially the last 2 conferences the sixth and seventh resolutions, to overcome all the obstacles that stand in the way of real unification of the Kurdish class, we support KNK's calls in achieving Kurdistan National Congress to form national agendas towards a just solution to the Kurdish cause and a secure and stable Middle East."


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