PYD: Statements some parties are not serious to Kurdish people

The Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) said that the statements of some parties serve only the policies set out in order to create conflicts that are not feasible nationally, stressing the need to be a serious stand on these challenges.

The Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) issued today a public opinion statement on the challenges facing the region, the need to join forces and unify visions to face these challenges and safeguard the gains achieved in the region.

The text read:

 “After the eradication of ISIS in the field by the SDF's fighters in al- Baguz 23 March this year and with the support of the International Coalition against terrorism, the stage showed multiple challenges at various levels, whether it is a complete end to ISIS fascism, or related to the ongoing Turkish threats throughout Syria and the region. The head over the Kurdish people in general his presence, the policy of intransigence practiced by authoritarian regimes, led by the fascist government in Turkey, and its insistence on the policies of genocide and denial against the Kurds and their rightful cause, in addition to occupying part of the Syrian territory, especially its practices in Afrin, where the policy of demographic change is practiced in full view of the world. Other challenges related to the development of living conditions in the areas of Autonomous Administration, and the challenge of resolving the Syrian crisis according to its political path remains in all its dimensions and implications, in addition to the need to develop a regional regional solution for the local ISIS fighters and their families, which is estimated at about 70 thousand distributed over 60 nationalities.

We at the PYD Executive Committee believe that these challenges require a responsible attitude and serious stance from the various forces, political parties and different groups of people; It entails a fortification of the acquired of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria as the model of this administration became the ideal solution to the Syrian crisis in its ninth year.  We affirm that the first steps necessary to safeguard this achievement are to take concrete steps from the various parties, whether within or outside the AA, In the first place, some of the statements issued by some express above all the narrow space of thinking and presenting the factional interest over the national public interest, whether Syrian or Kurdish. They revolve in the orbit of clues that despotic regimes are looking for, it strives for all its means and policies in order to create conflicts that are not feasible nationally for the Kurds, while feasible for these regimes that do not believe in the justice of the democratic and Kurdish issues in Syria and the rest of the parts. We also call on our Kurdish people in Syria and the rest of the components that bind us and the bonds of coexistence and unity of destiny to do everything necessary to preserve the gains achieved and cut off on every attempt to evil for AA and for our security and safety, and our peace and peace.



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