Qaftan: Solution must be at Syrians' hands without external interference

The General Head of the Future Syria Party (FSP) Ibrahim Qaftan called on all the conflicting forces in Syria to move away from differences, work to build a democratic and decentralized Syria, and put the initiative of the solution at the hands of the Syrians without external interference.

The Future Syria Party in Afrin and al-Shahba cantons held its first conference in Serdem camp. The conference was attended by the Head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Qaftan, who gave a speech which he started by saluting the resistance of Afrin.

Qaftan added: "We salute the people of Afrin who resisted for 58 days in Afrin and more than two years in al-Shahba, and whose will has not been undermined."

Qaftan stressed during his speech that the Future Syria Party was subjected to a lot of pressure to thwart its actions, but thanks to the martyrs, the party's struggle is still successful, "The continuous work of the Future Syria Party and its overcoming of all kinds of pressures; killing, kidnapping and capturing practiced against the party's cadres are thanks to the party's martyrs who did not hesitate to serve the party and expand its rank for the Syrian people."

Qaftan called on the Syrian government to enter into a dialogue with the democratic parties present in Syria in order to find a solution to the Syrian crisis, "Syria is passing through this period in a sensitive stage and at the height of its crisis, and this is why we call on the Syrian government to enter into a dialogue with all democratic forces in Syria to end the Syrian crisis."

Qaftan pointed out that the foreign countries interfering in Syria do not seek to resolve the crisis, but rather to protect their interests, "The agreements issued by the meetings managed by the foreign countries involved in the Syrian crisis will deepen the Syrian crisis because they do not seek to serve the demands of the Syrian people. The opposition now does not serve the demands of the Syrian Street, and we call to move away from the struggles for power and control over Syria, as without changing the mentality, there will be no solution to the Syrian crisis even if the current Syrian government is toppled."

Ibrahim Qaftan emphasized that the solution must be put at the hands of the Syrians, and without foreign interference, "The popular will must be imposed, in addition to creating democracy among all components of the Syrian people. The Future Syria Party seeks to enrich the blood of the Syrian youth with patriotism to put the revolution back on the right track. Creating a new generation of young people with a patriotic spirit and without an authoritarian mentality will lead Syria to peace and security."


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