​​​​​​​Qamishlo women: We must intensify activities for Ocalan's freedom

A number of Qamishlo women expressed their refusal to tighten the AKP's isolation of leader Ocalan, and they called on women to go out to the arenas for Ocalan's freedom.

Women are increasingly responding to the AKP's continuing practice by tightening isolation to Ocalan.

In this context, our agency correspondents met a number of Qamishlo women, who in turn denounced these practices.

Dalal Hussein said that the isolation of the Turkish authorities against the leader Abdullah Ocalan was devoid of humanity and ethics. It does not realize that forty million people are following in his footsteps and his thought. Its goal is clear, and it is to suppress his thought. She added: Leader Abdullah Ocalan is a symbol of women's freedom, not like the philosophers and intellectuals who viewed women in a broad tight.

Hussein renewed her pledge to follow the leader's mind.

Meanwhile, the citizen, Pirouza Ibrahim, expressed her rejection of the arbitrary practices of the Turkish authorities against the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdish people. She said: "The Kurdish people are no longer the same as before. Their thinking has evolved over the leader's philosophy, and he has presented hundreds of thousands of martyrs in order to gain his freedom and the leader's freedom without stopping."

Ibrahim called in the context of her speech for the immediate release of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and called on women to work and go out to the arenas, intensify their activities, and demand the freedom of Ocalan because we all owe him.

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