Qamişlo people: We will break the walls and liberate Afrin

The people of Qamişlo have pledged to step up the struggle against the efforts of the Turkish occupation to divide Syria. They also called on the international community and the Syrian regime to assume their responsibilities to counter the Turkish occupation efforts.

Hundreds of residents of the city of Qamişlo gathered today at the Martyrs' Roundabout in Al-Anteriya neighborhood to protest against the partition wall being erected by the Turkish state in Afrin.

The participants carried the olive branches that express the resistance of Afrin, as well as banners written in Kurdish, Arabic and English. "We will step up struggle, smash walls, liberate Afrin," "murderer Erdogan," "where is humanity" and "Long live resistance of Afrin".

As they were marching, Qamişlo residents chanted the slogans that denounce the practices of the Turkish occupation and salute the resistance of Afrin, the demonstrators went to the shrine of the martyr Dalil Sarokhan, where the demonstration turned into a mass rally.

Kongra Star administrator Munija Haider delivered a speech, she said, "We condemn and denounce the Turkish occupation of Afrin, the Turkish occupation practices violations are against human values, even building the partition wall around Afrin with the aim of dividing Syria and annexing Afrin to Turkish territory, while the Syrian regime and world opinion are silent, we will not stop the struggle until the liberation of Afrin. "

Abdul Karim Abdul Rahman co-chair of Qamişlo's eastern district council addressed the demonstrators and denounced the international silence about the practices of the Turkish occupation in Afrin. "Afrin is part of the Syrian territory. The Syrian regime must commit to its responsibilities. The silence of the Syrian regime confirms that it agrees with Turkey and Russia on the division of Syria, we will struggle to remove the Turkish occupation of Afrin. "

The demonstration ended with slogans that salute Afrin's resistance.



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