Qatari opponent: Qatar has become Turkish colony

Qatari opponent Khalifa bin Mubarak bin Khalifa al-Thani said the Qatari regime "supports terrorism and has drawn the Turkish army into Qatari territory ... We now feel that our territory has become a Turkish colony and we are carrying out what foreigners dictate in order to protect the regime"


The Qatari newspaper Al-Bayan quoted Qatari opnent Khalifa bin Mubarak bin Khalifa al-Thani as saying that "Doha is watching the members of the al-Thani family of young age, fearing their union and taking positions against the ruling authority , which led to a sense of panic in them, in anticipation of any emergency.

Khalifa bin Mubarak added that Qatar's anti-Gulf has negatively impacted the ruling family. The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, took a number of measures in an attempt to contain the opposition from within the family and threatened penalties for those who violate state policy. Mohammed did not believe what will be said and stand beside him.

Khalifa bin Mubarak al-Thani stressed that their opposition to the policies of Doha is old, because of interference in the internal affairs of some countries, hosting people who have differences with their countries, or wanted in previous security issues.

He asked: "How do we support the Qatari system, which calls for differentiation within the Gulf and supports terrorism, and drew the Turkish army on the Qatari territory to protect our homeland, which we are entitled to protect ?!

He added, "the state budget and its expenditures go to the West in exchange for protecting the regime without paying attention to the people or developing the state structure and stability."

He stressed that what is happening in Qatar today is frightening and threatens the future of the country at all levels.



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