Random taxes and looting... continuous violations of Ahrar Sharqiya mercenaries in Girê Spi

Abuses of Ahrar Sharqiya mercenaries affiliated to the Turkish occupation army continue in Girê Spi canton occupied by Turkey, as mercenaries from this faction continue to impose taxes on civilians and theft of property and money.

According to sources from the town of Hammam al-Turkman of Girê Spi / Tel Abyad to our agency that the so-called "Ahrar Al-Sharqiya" mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army seized the car of Usama Abdul Razzaq owner of an Internet distribution shop in the town.

According to the sources, the mercenaries imposed on Usama a monthly tax to pay half of the earnings of the shop in favor of the Ahrar Sharqiya mercenaries ", claiming that the shop owner had distributed the internet in the institutions of the Autonomous administration before Turkey launched attacks on the region.

In a related context, the mercenaries have stolen half of the amount of medicines in a pharmacy belonging to Louay Aswad, which is located in the town, to be used to treat the wounded who fall in the battles with the SDF.

The sources told ANHA that Ahrar Sharqiya imposed a tax on the pharmacist, forcing him to pay half of the pharmacy's earnings to mercenaries every month on the grounds that he was distributing medicines to health centers before the Turkish aggression.



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