Refugee in al-Hol exposed to 38 stab

A Syrian IDP has been killed in an attempt to kill in the most dangerous camp in the world by ISIS women. Security efforts continue to reach the active cell, amid rising cases of murder and stabbing in conjunction with the start of the Turkish invasion of NE, Syria.

Killings and stabbings against displaced Syrians and Iraqi refugees living in al-Hol camp continue 45 km east of the city of al-Hasakah, by ISIS women, according to eyewitnesses, security forces found this morning a new stabbing case against the displaced Syrian youth, Hassan Jamil, 23 years old.

The camp is the largest in the areas of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, and one of the most dangerous camps in the world in terms of threat to humanity, which is inhabited by displaced people and more than 40 thousand women and children of ISIS mercenaries "Syrians and foreigners", most of them headed towards to the camp after SDF was able to eradicate ISIS militarily in the last strongholds in al-Baguaz town.

According to (ANHA) correspondent from al- Hol camp stated the victim was found this morning, the displaced young man Hassan Jamil, a resident of the fourth sector dedicated to the displaced Syrians, was unconscious after being stabbed with a knife. He was taken to the field hospital in the camp.

On Thursday, ISIS women were among the most dangerous camps in the world to try to kill an Iraqi refugee with a hammer, continuing their attempt to eliminate anyone who opposes ISIS ideology.

An official in charge of the security of al-Hol camp pointed out that the victim was subjected to 38 knife stab wounds in different parts of the body. "The process of detecting those behind these incidents is difficult," he said. As a result of the uniform dress worn by women in the camp, the veil and the black cloak, and move them at night in groups and the investigations are still ongoing to find who committed this crime.

The officials said that according to the investigations and circumstances that have emerged so far, cases of murder and stabbing are behind the mercenaries of ISIS women, as a result of the attempts of IDPs and refugees to move away from what ISIS women seek to spread ISIS thought in the camp.

As for the health status of the victim Hassan Jamil, our correspondent was unable to obtain sufficient information. For reasons that prevent doctors from addressing the situation, however, the victim is receiving medical treatment in intensive care in the field hospital, and attempts to rescue him are continuing

Earlier, security forces responsible for the ISIS mercenary camps in NE, Syria revealed to our agency ANHA that it had thwarted the escape of more than 635 people, mostly foreign ISIS mercenaries, in conjunction with the Turkish invasion of the area. and officials have indicated that al-Hol camp is still in chaos and may be lost control at any moment.



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