Relief of Syrians is at terrorists' hands, SDC warns of dangerous step

The issue of relief for the Syrians has appeared to the fore again with  the extent of the international organizations' credibility, after the Security Council agreed to open a crossing occupied by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, including those who are classified as terrorists. Hekmat Habib warned of the seriousness of this, and criticized "the dependence of international organizations on the forces whose interests override the interests of the Syrians."

Bab al-Hawa crossing border which has long been known as the Turkish corridor for supporting terrorism and mercenaries has returned to the fore again after the Security Council agreed to introduce humanitarian aid to Syria through this crossing controlled by the mercenaries of the Hayet Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhet al-Nusra, classified on the list of international terrorism).

This crossing witnessed in the end of 2013 what can be described as a radical turn in the Syrian crisis, as mercenaries and cross-border terrorists who were moving between Syria and Turkey through this crossing, and on orders from the latter, attacked armed groups that were receiving support from the United States of America.

The attack launched by the so-called "al-Jabha al-Islamiyya" in coordination with Jabhet al-Nusra (now Hayet Tahrir al-Sham) against the warehouses of the "Free Army" at this crossing and controlling it with ammunition and weapons sent from the United States led to the end of what was once called the "Free Army".

The control of the crossing marked a strong start for terrorists and mercenaries, as the crossing was stacked with weapons provided by the "Mok" operations room that were run by US intelligence in Jordan, including "Tau" missiles that have long become a nightmare for the Syrian government forces.

Terrorists and mercenaries, including "Jabhet al-Nusra" or as they are now called "Hayet Tahrir al-Sham" already managed to extend their control over many areas after heavy fighting with government forces, and thus the areas connecting Bab al-Hawa crossing and the city of Sarmada (in Idlib governorate, where complete control was for Jabhet al-Nusra) transferred to a financial and commercial center in northwestern Syria due to the flow of arms and goods from Turkey.

Since the start of the international mechanism for introducing aid to Syria in 2014, mercenaries and terrorists have controlled the international assistance provided to the Syrians, as Jabhet al-Nusra mercenaries are working to sell aid that was sent to Syrians from international organizations and through this money buy weapons and provide money to their mercenaries.

As for the international countries, they are silently watching what is happening. After each batch of aid, talk was taken about tightening measures to "fight terrorism" and pressure aimed at preventing the transfer of aid to serve any terrorist parties, but without taking any concrete steps.

In September 2018, mercenaries received significant support from humanitarian aid, but the U.S. government discovered that Jabhet al-Nusra's Salvation Government was collecting fees for trucks crossing Bab al-Hawa crossing border, as the United States and the United Kingdom suspended their humanitarian aid through this crossing.

In January, some donors suspended aid to the northwest, but humanitarian aid resumed on the pretext of imposing more stringent screening and scrutiny standards.

According to the observers, the approval of the UN Security Council to enter humanitarian aid to Syria through Bab al-Hawa crossing border which is controlled by Hayet Tahrir al-Sham, and limiting the aid sent to Syria through this crossing is considered to give legitimacy to these terrorist groups.

International organizations are mortgaged by forces that seek to achieve their interests

On this, our Deputy Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council Hekmat Habib spoke to our agency, saying: "Unfortunately, international bodies and organizations including the Security Council and the United Nations have become mortgaged to the great powers that work for their interests at the expense of the people's interests, especially the Syrian people who have been suffering from the crisis since 10 years."

The international community deepens the Syrian crisis

He made clear: "This is an indication and evidence that the international community and the active states are not serious in solving the Syrian crisis. On the contrary, they deepen the crisis, give a role to Turkey, and give free rein to the mercenaries by opening such a crossing."."

Dangerous precedent

Hekmat Habib warned of this, saying, "Opening this single crossing for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people is a dangerous precedent added to precedents and political decisions issued by the Security Council and were unfair to the peoples of the region."

Habib also evaluated the work of international organizations, saying: "The Security Council resolutions and international decisions regarding the Syrian crisis or the various crises come within the interests of the influential states in the Security Council that move away from the interests of peoples, but rather work to achieve their interests."

Political interests at the expense of humanity

He explained: "What happened of the Security Council decision to adopt Bab al-Hawa crossing controlled by terrorist groups to be a humanitarian crossing which is very dangerous because only the areas that are under the control of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation benefit from this crossing, but as we said this decision comes in the context of international interests away from the interests of the Syrian people which will not serve them."

"It was free for these countries or the Security Council to open other crossings, such as Tel Koçer / al-Yarobiyya crossing which is an international crossing, but the international interests prevented this, and Russia and China disrupted this for political purposes at the expense of humanitarian matters," Habib added.

Our hand is extended to all Syrians

At the end of his speech, Hekmat Habib called on international organizations to fulfill their responsibilities saying, "We call on the international community, the Security Council and the countries active in the Syrian crisis to reconsider opening the crossings because they realize that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and the terrorists control Bab al-Hawa crossing."

He added: "It was supposed to open other crossings such as Tel Koçer crossing that serves all Syrians because when aid enters this region, it reaches the general Syrian people because our hand is extended to all Syrians and we are not mortgaged to any international party. We work for Syria as a whole."

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