Report reveals Qatari funding for Hezbollah in Lebanon

The German newspaper "Die Zeit" conducted an investigation that revealed documents proving that Qatar funded Hezbollah in Lebanon do exist, and the newspaper said that it had obtained evidence showing that wealthy Qatari and Lebanese people living in Doha were sending money to the party in Beirut, with the knowledge and influence of Qatari government officials and through a Qatari charity organization.

The investigation is based on information obtained by the newspaper from a private contractor it named "Jason J.", a pseudonym that the newspaper said it used to protect his identity, working in many countries in the world including Qatar. The newspaper said that "Jason signed a large file while he was performing a work in Doha, where Qatar's funding of Hezbollah is proven. Among the information the contractor found, an arms deal from Eastern Europe a Qatari company took.

At the end of 2017, the contractor tried to sell the file to Doha, after he knew the importance of the information he obtained and constituted conclusive evidence of the accusations leveled against Qatar with financing terrorist organizations.

Jason and the German consulting company estimated the value of the information contained in the file in the tens of millions of euros, because “he found the crucial information in combating the financing of Islamic organizations," which also prompted him to communicate with "German authorities to evaluate this information," according to the newspaper, and the report added that the evaluation came as "interesting and relevant information on combating terrorist financing".

The newspaper pointed out that "Jason held 6 meetings in Brussels with representatives of the authority in Qatar negotiating the information, and the president of a consulting company in Germany named Michel Inaker got acquainted with him through a German politician he knew" and continued that "Qatari diplomats said they would use the information received in the file to get rid of suspicious people in their ranks. "

The newspaper pointed out that "Jason received several times during these meetings amounts of 10 thousand euros in cash each time, and that in the months that followed the Qataris handed him 100 thousand euros in cash without written evidence of receiving these funds."

In July 2019, Jason and the Qataris reached an agreement of understanding that the newspaper said it had seen, whereby the contractor would receive 10,000 euros a month for a year in exchange for "consulting services", and Qataris committed not to pursue Jason on espionage charges in exchange for not leaking the information in the file that he acquired it to any party, and the German consulting firm was also involved in the agreement, which concluded an agreement with Jason to "promote contracts" with Qatar in Germany, according to the newspaper.

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