​​​​​​​Reports confirm that Turkey sends more mercenaries to Libya

Reports stated that two planes coming from Turkey loaded with more than 300 Syrian mercenaries landed in Misrata, northwestern Libya.

According to the "Flight Radar" website which is specialized in monitoring the movement of aircrafts around the world. The two planes of "Lockheed C130E" kind were detected on their movement from Istanbul to Misrata.

According to "Flight Radar", a Turkish Air Force plane bearing the sign of the Kenyan Air Force left Istanbul airport for Libya.

The website added that the plane flew from Istanbul to Misrata last Thursday and Friday.

According to the website's sources, about six flights between Istanbul and Misrata were monitored during the past three days.

The unveiling of these flights between Istanbul and Misrata came in conjunction with the announcement by Libyan sources on Monday that the Libyan National Army carried out air strikes on terrorist militias’ sites in Gharyan Security Directorate in the northwest of the country.

The air strikes of the Libyan National Army came after the announcement of the official spokesman for the military the Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari on Sunday evening the arrest of one of the most dangerous elements of ISIS after he moved to Libyan territory under the auspices of the Turkish intelligence.

Al-Mesmari indicated on his official Facebook page that "Libyan Arab armed forces units in the Tripoli axes arrested the Syrian ISIS mercenary Mohammed al-Ruwaidani, known as Abu Bakr al-Ruwaidani, one of the most dangerous elements of ISIS in Syria who moved to Libya under the auspices of Turkish intelligence as the Amir of Faylaq al-Sham."

He added: "He was arrested while fighting with al-Sarraj militias led by Turkish officers."

He continued saying: "This is further evidence of the relationship between Erdogan, ISIS, and the extremist groups in general."

Earlier, Al-Mismari announced that the Air Force began to restore full sovereignty over a number of regions of the country.

The Major General Al-Mesmari stated during a press conference that there is no truth to reports that withdrawals carried out by the Libyan army because the matter is related to repositioning within military plans.

He pointed out that the Libyan armed forces made great changes during the past 72 hours, stressing that the military operations did not stop.

Al-Mismari confirmed that the Libyan Air Force which is fighting a war against terrorism has downed more than 13 Turkish drones.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Sunday that a new batch of Syrian mercenaries arrived in Libya during the past hours in order to participate in the military operations taking place in Tripoli alongside al-Sarraj and its militias.

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