"Resistance lies within every woman who wants freedom"

The Women's Council in Manbij and its countryside pointed out that they would continue in the path of resistance until the achievement of Ocalan's freedom.

Thousands of Kurdish prisoners in Turkish state prisons and hundreds of Kurdish activists and politicians led by parliamentarian Leyla Guven have ended their hunger strike to demand the lifting of the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in response to his request to end the strike after his lawyers meet him.

The Women's Council in Manbij issued a statement to the public today, during a gathering of dozens of women by the administrative in the council Nadia Melhem.

The text of the statement reads as follows:

"In the name of women, the symbol of steadfastness and resistance since the beginning of humanity and women was an initiative in changing history and moving societies towards freedom and laying the foundation stone in the building of humanity has become a reference to our history of great achievements and women became the symbol of fulfillment and sacrifice starting from Zenobia and Kilopatra and Khawla Bint Al Azur and Khansaa to Laila Qassem, Barin, Avista and Sakina Janses.

Today, the days give birth to a symbol of the resistance symbols Leyla Guven, a strong woman who went on hunger strike in the prisons of the Turkish occupation and proved to the world that women can resist even while inside the prison.

The strike of Leyla Guven blew up the spirit of resistance and struggle in all its companions and comrades and all the women of the world, resistance is not carrying arms and standing on the fronts, but it is freedom of thought within every woman wants to get her freedom.

With a strong will, Leyla Guven went on a hunger strike until her humanitarian demands were fulfilled.

"We, as women, declare our support for the great resistance and to complete the march of struggle in all fields and methods until they achieve their goal and free the leader Abdullah Ocalan from prison."



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