Restum Hasakah: Battle is ongoing, victory is coming

The commander on the fronts of al-Baguz village Restum Hasakah said that the last operation will end in the next few days. He added, "We will spread the omens of the liberation of north and east Syria from IS terrorism for our people," pointing out that the process is ongoing in accordance with the military tactics set by the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).


The General Command of SDF announced its final battle as part of the campaign to defeat terrorism to eliminate the last points occupied by IS' mercenaries in al-Baguz Foqani village at 06:00 pm on Friday after the exit of the last batch of civilians who were being held by IS and used as human shields in the face of the combatants' progress.

On the front lines of al-Baguz village, ANHA interviewed Restum Hasakah, the commander on the frontal fronts of al-Baguz village. "The campaign is ongoing in accordance with the military tactics set forward by SDF's General Command which include inflicting no harm and damage to the civilians' properties as much as possible."

"At about 06:00 pm on Friday, since the announcement of the campaign, our forces have been launching violent attacks against IS mercenaries deep into the village, which has resulted in killing many members among the mercenaries," Restum Hasakah said.

Hasakah explained that the warplanes of the International Coalition also raided one of the large warehouses that supplies IS with weapons, and that resulted in destroying it completely."

In conclusion, the commander Restum Hasakah said, "The final battle is going to be victorious in the near future, and we will achieve the dream of our comrades who sacrificed their lives on this path, and we will spread the omens of IS' defeat for our people in the north and east of Syria."



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