Russia demanded Turkey to curb its mercenaries

The Head of Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, Major-General Alexei Bakin said that the Turkish side must implement Sochi agreement during 24 hours after the cease fire in the "de-escalation zone" and stop the military operations.

Major General Alexei said in a statement: "After the Astana 13 conference, which focused on the situation in Idlib, the President of the regime, Bashar al-Assad, has taken the decision of the cease-fire and the cessation of all military operations completely in the de-escalation zone. "

Alexei confirmed that Syria is waiting for the Turkish side to implement the Sochi summit resolution within 24 hours.

He said that they are waiting for Turkey to implement the decision of the Sochi Conference, in which the mercenaries must withdraw all heavy weapons, fully cease fire and open the Damascus-Aleppo Road.

The president of the center said Russian reconciliation that despite the agreement announced but the groups violate the truce, where a civilian was killed and three others were wounded during the bombing of terrorists.

The 13th round of the Astana series ended on Friday with emphasis on the need to implement the Sochi Agreement between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 17 September 2018, which provides for the formation of a demilitarized zone 20 kilometers deep and the withdrawal of mercenaries and heavy weapons, Turkish agreement to ensure the implementation of the agreement, which has not yet implemented its articles.



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